Benefit Eyebrow Waxing – REVIEW!

We all know that maintaining our eyebrows is a chore, and nobody enjoys the pain of having them waxed (or threaded). It took me a while to find somewhere that I trusted to wax my eyebrows to the shape I want, without taking too much off (and without hurting me in the process). I’ve been to several beauty shops/bars, and I’ve experienced being burnt with the wax because it’s too hot, or not liking the end result of my brows. That was, until, I tried out the Benefit brow bar.

I have been to Benefit several times now to have my eyebrows shaped and tidied, and I try to go every 3/4 weeks. I absolutely LOVE how they treat their customers and how quick and efficient they are when waxing. It’s the first place I’ve been to where they actually conduct a temperature test on your skin before applying the wax to your brows, along with providing you with the health and safety info/possible side effects (such as swelling and redness) and making sure you have read and agreed to it before they continue.

I’m not going to say that it’s pain free, because eyebrow waxing wherever you go is definitely NOT pain free. However, it is the least painful experience I’ve had with waxing and my eyebrows barely go red at all! Of course, this does depend on how sensitive your skin is but in previous places I’ve been to, the skin around my brows go insanely red and with Benefit there is barely any redness. They always apply cooling gel afterwards to soothe the skin, and because they complete a temperature test on your palm beforehand, there is little risk of the wax being too hot and burning you. What I also love is the fact that every person I’ve seen at Benefit has been so lovely, and they always make sure that you leave feeling satisfied.

However, my absolute favourite thing about their waxing service is that they have a rewards app! Each time you go you get your app stamped, and every couple of times you have been you earn a reward (see below). This might be a free eyebrow tint, free lip wax or even a free brow product (and as we all know, Benefit are amazing when it comes to brow products)!

The one thing I will say is that it is not as cheap as usual beauty stores, as an eyebrow wax at Benefit will cost you £14.50, when some places will only charge £6/£7 for this. However, in my experience it is definitely worth the money just to ensure that your eyebrows are exactly as you want them, with a pleasant customer experience and the opportunity to earn free treatments/products!

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