Top 3 Mascaras!

Mascara is a girls best friend, right? We go through different brands, different brushes, trying to find that one we love. I’ve been through my fair share of mascaras and I think I’ve finally narrowed it down to my top 3.

Number 3: Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’

This is one of my newer purchases, and I used it up quite quickly because I enjoyed it so much. The brush is quite thick so it gives your lashes volume and they really stand out. My lashes look a lot longer, which is a bonus because I have quite short lashes. Because of the size of the brush, it coats every lash and makes them look fuller. You can purchase this product for £19.00 from the Too Faced website or a department store like Debenhams! Unfortunately, I’ve run out of this mascara so I haven’t got my own photo to share, but below I’ve inserted a picture from the Too Faced website, just to give you an idea!

Number 2: Benefit ‘They’re Real’

This one is definitely one that I always go back to because I love the results (and the packaging is really nice too)! This brush is smaller and thinner than the Too Faced one, but it still gives my lashes volume. You only need a few coats to see the difference, and they don’t make your lashes clump together. You can buy this for £17.50 from Benefit or pretty much any department store! It’s definitely worth the purchase, and they sometimes offer packs where you get the full sized mascara and a mini travel one, and mini products always look cute!

Number 3: Maybelline ‘Lash Sensational’

This mascara will forever be my favourite, and it’s the one I always find myself going back to! I love the brush on this one especially, as it curves slightly which means it really catches the shape of your lashes and helps to give them a slight curl. My lashes look longer and probably more natural than the other two mascaras. You don’t need to keep applying this over your lashes because even just a few coats will do the trick! You can buy this mascara for about £8.99 from Superdrug, and I would definitely recommend this because it ticks all the boxes!

If you have tried any of these products, let me know what you think! Or if you have any suggestions of other mascaras to use, then leave them in the comments below!


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