My Positive Thread.

I’ve had a few comments on my Twitter recently (@tashahunt_x) about my positive thread. I thought I’d take this time to talk about it and explain why I’m doing it, and how it’s helping me.

One of my New Years resolutions was to take in more of the positive things in life. 2017 wasn’t a great year for my mental health and I struggled a lot. I focused too much of my energy on the negatives, and not enough on the positive side of life. I’ve realised that you can always find something positive in everyday, whether that’s enjoying what you ate for lunch or just getting up in the morning after feeling low.

Everyday I add a new tweet to the thread, just documenting one good thing that has happened. This week has been quite difficult with my anxiety, but managing to find something happy to take from each day has been really rewarding for me. It’s made me realise that even though I get anxious and it feels like the whole day has been affected by it, I can still find something positive which in turn will make me feel a lot happier.

I’m going to try and add a new tweet to the thread every day for the whole of 2018, so that if I’m having a particularly low day or even if I just want to look back on my year so far, I can go back to this thread and gain some kind of inspiration and positivity. I’ve had so many lovely comments from people on Twitter about it which has encouraged me to continue even more. My boyfriend has been so supportive with this too, because everyday he’ll ask me to tell him something positive that has happened, which also means I get to talk more about it and that helps draw me away from any negative thoughts.

I’m hoping that I stick with this and continue to add to the thread, because so far it is really helping me to focus more on the good side of life which will, hopefully, help me to defeat this demon. I know that I’ll still have times where I struggle to find something positive in my day, and I’m not saying by any means that this will ‘cure’ me, because I don’t think anxiety can ever be cured. You just learn to manage it in a more proactive way, which will help you in the long run.

I recommend that everybody tries to find something good in their day, whether you’re suffering from mental health issues or not. It’s so rewarding and you’ll be surprised at how relaxed you’ll feel after stepping back, just for a moment, and focusing your mind.


  1. I do something similar where I record what made me smile throughout the day. It’s really freeing knowing that life is not all that bad as you might feel. I wish you a great 2018. 2017 was not great for me either but I hope good things will happen in 2018.

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