Favourite Eyeshadow Palettes!

I don’t wear eyeshadow often, only usually if I’m going to a party or out for the evening. But when I do wear it, there are only 2 palettes I find myself going to.

Urban Decay: Naked 3

This palette is my absolute favourite! It comes with 12 shades, and the majority of them are nude colours which is why I love it so much. My favourite colours from this palette are ‘Dust’, ‘Trick’ and ‘Limit’. The first two I’ve mentioned are glittery with a lovely rose gold/bronze colour, and they really brighten up your eyes (especially if you apply a little bit to the creases). There are darker colours on this palette but I have quite a pale skin tone, so I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to wear them just yet. Maybe one day I’ll try them out, but right now I can’t see myself feeling comfortable in it. I like how subtle the three that I have mentioned are, because I don’t need to apply too much in order for it to be noticeable. When applying mascara, they really make your eyes stand out and I just love how it blends with my skin tone. This palette also comes with a double ended brush, which is perfect for the application of the shades. It’s one of the more pricey palettes at £39.50, but the colours are beautiful and they last so long that I definitely think it’s worth the price!

Too Faced: Chocolate Bar

This is my second favourite palette, and the packaging is one of the reasons I love it so much. As you may have already guessed from the name, it’s in the shape of a chocolate bar. Not only does it look like a chocolate bar, the actual eyeshadows SMELL like chocolate! This palette comes with 16 different shades, with nudes and darker colours too (along with a bit of glitter thrown in, obviously)! My favourite shades are ‘Champagne Truffle’, ‘White Chocolate’ and ‘Marzipan’. I love the shade ‘Marzipan’ because it’s still a nude colour but with a bit of shimmer thrown in, and I feel like it suits my skin tone and my eye colour so well. Unfortunately, this palette does not come with a brush but it makes up for that with the extra colours that the Urban Decay palette does not have. Just like the previous, this palette will cost you £39.00 but it’s beautifully packaged and looks gorgeous, so I would definitely advise to try this out if you love eyeshadows. It’s also a really cute accessory for your dressing table!

These two brands are definitely my ‘go-to’ for eyeshadows, because of the quality and the colours they provide. If you have any other recommendations for alternative palettes, then let me know! Trying on different eyeshadows is always enjoyable for me, and you can never have too many!


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