Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter – REVIEW!

I’m quite a newbie to the world of highlight, but I have to say that since discovering it, I cannot stop applying it! I thought that I would talk about my current favourite highlighting product, and if you can give me some recommendations for other highlighters, please let me know!

The Revolution Skin Kiss, in the shade Champagne Kiss, is such a beautiful colour. It is of a subtle pink colour and has such a lovely shimmer to it, and stands out so well! I have found that I don’t need to add too much of it, as I like to go for the more subtle look anyway, but even the tiniest amount really makes a huge difference. I apply this onto my cheeks and my nose to give me a slight shimmer, and I have found that it really makes my skin glow (which is exactly what you need, especially on a Monday morning).

I apply this highlighter using the Studio London Fan Brush (see below) which you can purchase from Superdrug for £4.99. I have found that it is really easy to apply the highlight with this brush, as it picks up the colour and shimmer of the product so well. However, I am looking at investing into one of the Real Technique fan brushes to see how they compare, but if you can advise me of any cheaper alternatives as well then I would be really interested to know!

Moving onto the size of the product, it is HUGE! However, not too big that it can’t fit into your makeup bag. The fact that it is quite a big product, means that it can last you for a long time, which is what I’m finding to happen. Of course, it does depend on how much you apply and as I don’t use too much, it would last a longer time. I have seen so many highlighters on the shelves as they are becoming such a big part of people’s makeup routine, but I am yet to find a drugstore highlighter as good as this one. There are so many other shades as well, which you can find on the Superdrug website. This will cost you £5, which considering the size, is such good value for money!

Like I said, if you could recommend some highlighters for me then it would be really appreciated! I am always looking for new products to add to my collection.

I hope you are all having a lovely week so far! x

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