I’ve spent the last week away from home and work, staying in a lovely cottage in North Wales. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to have this amount of time to focus and reflect on my life, the people around me, my ambitions. It’s been relaxing, it’s been exactly what I have needed for the last few months.

With anxiety, it can be quite overwhelming and it really does take control of your life before you even realise. I’ve learnt how important and necessary it is to take a few days to focus, to give yourself some breathing space. It can be hard for me to have this time as I work a full time job, and I don’t really feel that the time I do have is enough. Which is why it has been so rewarding to spend the last week just focusing, enjoying my time and working on my blog.

Writing this blog has been very beneficial to me, and I really am enjoying it. Before this, I didn’t really have many hobbies aside from just spending my free time watching YouTube. So having this to spend my time on has helped me a lot, it’s given me the opportunity to write freely about anything, from beauty product reviews to my own personal experiences with mental health.

During this week away I have been exploring new places, new sceneries, and it has been beautiful. Something so simple as just sitting on a bench in the middle of the woods, has been so rewarding and I know for future that this is how I want to spend my time. I now know ways that I can calm myself, how I can take a step back from the world and focus on myself.

If you can do it, I really would suggest that you try this. Try spending an hour, or even 10 minutes, just letting yourself unwind. Somewhere that you won’t be faced with distractions. It hasn’t got to be outside, it could even just be in your bathroom if that’s where you can find some peace and quiet. Just 10 minutes. Let me know if it works for you, or if you can give some advice on how you find time to relax.

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