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My name is Natasha, but I prefer to go by Tash. I am twenty years old and have wanted to create a blog for a long time now. It’s difficult trying to find time to even create a blog page, let alone manage it with weekly posts, due to the pressure of a full time job. However, I’m finding new ways to manage my time in order to create a balance of work and having time for myself, to do things I enjoy.

I work in a Customer Relations department for a travel agency, which by the way is something I really enjoy doing. It can be very stressful as you deal with a lot of different people and experiences, however it can be very rewarding too. I haven’t yet figured out whether this is something I want to continue with in the future, but all that matters is that I’m enjoying where I am now.

My blog is going to focus on different things, such as baking and product reviews, but mostly it will be based on my experiences with mental health. As we all know, there is a huge stigma surrounding mental health and I think it’s important that we address these issues. I will be using this blog as my own personal diary, to document my feelings, emotions and encounters with anxiety and depression, in the hope that I can help other people to open up and receive the support they need. It took me over a year to admit to myself that I was suffering, and therefore I know exactly just how hard it can be to overcome these issues.

Aside from my work and blog, I also enjoy spending time to myself by watching YouTube and reading the occasional book. More importantly, spending time with my family and friends either by going out for meals, drinks, cinema trips or spending time away from home. Of course, seeing my boyfriend on a regular basis and going for date nights can really help to boost my self esteem, and just make me feel happier overall. If I have a day that I particularly enjoy, I will of course document this for you guys so that you can have a little bit more of an insight into my life. On the other hand, if I have a particularly bad day then I shall also document this too, depending on if I feel comfortable doing so. After all, this blog is my diary and I feel it important to put my thoughts and emotions into writing.

If you have any questions or advice for me, feel free to check out my social media via my contact page.

Until next time,

Tash – Positivitiy Only.